Hana Missildine

April 15, 2023

Unlike the other presenters at Southern 8th’s I am a history major. I didn’t apply for my internship but was asked by Professor David Mitchell. I am currently only a sophomore at Wingate University, so the opportunity was both exciting and nerve wracking. I came into this internship with no real research experience. I had only written reports based on other people’s research. This was my first time doing my own research in newspaper databases and old books written on Hugh Bennett. There were moments where I was finding a lot of useful information and other times I was hitting roadblocks. I had never been unable to find the material for a research project before, but when I was using newspapers as resources I found myself frustrated with the lack of material and the fact that I was looking everywhere to find small details crucial to my research. Now when I am working on projects I know I have the skills to do thorough research on projects. I never fully understood the importance of an internship until now. Before working with Southern 8th Farm, I thought an internship was just another requirement for my graduation. This internship gave me a new perspective on the importance of internships. I knew they are stepping stones for students as they graduate from college and give students insight on their future career in the industry. But after I finished my research and presented my findings I felt as if I gained more than simply meeting a requirement for my degree. I gained experience in the field I want to go into. I knew that is what internships are supposed to be for, but experiencing it brought new meaning to it. As I finished my presentation and talked about our next steps in the research we are going to conduct, I found myself excited to continue. There was no trace of nervousness. I am grateful for this experience that taught me crucial research skills, how to manage my time, and the true importance of an internship.