Student Journals

WU Wingate

Kaitlynn Cook
March 24, 2023

This week, Holima and David were not able to join our intern group at Southern 8ths Farm, so it was just us three interns and Brianna. We started off in the Learning Center as always, and went over plants in flower, animals spotted…

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Ellie Counts
March 25, 2023

Today at the internship Brianna introduced me to Earth Hour which is from 8:30-9:30 on March 25th where the lights are turned off for an hour to help reduce light pollution. I was amazed to learn about Earth Hour and wondered how we could continue to implement days like…

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Noah Dyer
March 26, 2023

Southern 8ths was very eventful and full of exploration today. For starters, we were missing a lot of people today. However, the fun and excitement that it entailed continued. We started off as usual discussing the weather data and our readings. Afterward, we took our daily trip down to Thompson Creek to assess the…

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Holima K.
March 17, 2023

On my third day of coming to the Southern 8ths Farm, I started the day off by carpooling 3 of the other interns. When we arrived, we spoke a little about our previous discussion then went outside to see the first prescribed burn of…

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Anna Anderson
October 21, 2022

Friday was a short day. We got to meet a group from Winthrop University who are studying Eastern Box Turtles. We traveled to Prairie number 4 to track the turtle named Sam. It was interesting to watch…

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Mallory Johnson
October 7, 2022

Today, we didn’t really do as many observations as we normally would. We focused mainly on the different types of technology that we can use for our research. When we first got out there…

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